Losing streak continues for host teams – Love emerges king

Losing streak continues for host teams – Love emerges king

Regina soccer fans had anticipated that the losing streak for host teams in the Diversity League was going to be broken today. It did not happen!

Bets may have been lost and some people may have been made unhappy, especially those who had high hopes and anticipated a break in the flow of home losses.

Two games were played today. The 8:00am game was between Faith FC who played at home and lost to their visitors, Joy FC. It was a clear victory for the visiting team who won the game by 5-3.

The 9:20am game was between Love FC and Peace FC. The away team, Love FC, gave the home team a beating of their life with a 4-1 shellacking in favour of Love FC.

The final regular season games will be played in the morning of Saturday, July 30. Joy FC will host Peace FC while Love FC will be hosted by Faith FC.

Currently, Love FC sits on top of the league table with a total of 12 points. Joy FC, who is in second place by goal margins has the same 6 points as Faith FC who is third and Peace FC who is at the bottom of the league table.

Since there remains one regular season game before the playoffs, one would better conclude that Love FC is the king of this season since no other team will be able to match their current 12 points.

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