Love and Faith, which one is stronger? – First draw of the whole season

Love and Faith, which one is stronger? – First draw of the whole season

As has been the case every Saturday, this morning again, all the players and fans gathered at University Park.

Even though two games were played as usual, the one and only question in everyone’s mind this morning was the following: Love and Faith, which one is stronger? Which one of them is greater?

Religious and philosophical arguments put aside, this question was going to be decided in the field of play. Both Faith FC and their visitors Love FC came out smoking. Each side wanted to demonstrate their superiority over the other.

Recall that in the first encounter between these two teams in the morning of July 9th, Faith FC managed to win the game by 2 – 1. One would have imagined that the desire for a complete and total revenge would tilt today’s encounter in Love’s favour. Or, maybe the alluring aroma of love would surpasses the invisible but ever-present power of faith. But it did not happen.

The first half was concluded with no goal events. By the beginning of the second half, the hopes of the Love FC fans were elevated when the first goal came. Love remained ahead by 1 – 0 for the most part of the second half.

That changed when a rough defensive attack by one of Love FC defenders gave a penalty opportunity to Faith FC. But faith did not relent. They were not ready to miss their come-back opportunity. It was a straight shot to the centre with the love goalie sent diving to his left.

The game ended 1 – 1. It was the first and only draw game of the season. Both sides had a handshake, chopped nockles, and bumped shoulders, as they expressed respect for each other.

The superiority question between love and faith was not decided today, even though Faith FC won their first away match against Love FC on July 9th. Maybe the fans will have to wait for the playoffs to see this question decided.

Before the 9:20am game between Love FC and Faith FC, Joy FC and Peace FC were the first to go head to head at 8:00am. The home team Joy FC defeated the visiting Peace FC by 3 – 1.

Regular season ended today. Love FC are season champions with a total of 13 points. They are followed in second place by Joy FC with 9 points. Faith FC is third with 7 points, while Peace FC maintains the bottom of the table with 6 points.

Both players and fans are looking forward to the playoffs.

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