Faith is strong but Peace reins

Faith is strong but Peace reins

It was already said in Matthew that “the last shall be first, and the first last.”

“How come we did not see this coming?” a fan asked as Peace defeated Faith and lifted the trophy on the morning of Saturday, August 13 at University Park.

Love, Joy, Faith and Peace are all strong and desirable. There is no blame for anybody confused about which one of them to choose.

The choice was more difficult when each of the four represented a soccer team in the Diversity League.

When the regular season kicked off, the question in the mind of every soccer fan in Regina was “Love, Joy, Faith and Peace, which one is supreme?”

The answer was decided in the field of play. Regular season came and passed and Love dominated.

Love was first with 13 points from winning 4 games, drawing one and losing one. Joy was second with 9 points from three wins and three losses. Followed Faith in third place with 7 points from two wins, one draw and three losses.

Peace was relegated to the bottom of the table where they sat comfortably. They had won only two games and lost 4 in the regular season. As a result, when the playoffs began, none of the other teams saw Peace as a major threat. They were all going to regret this eventually.

At playoffs, the fans saw a different Peace FC. It was a Peace FC that came out smoking at every game and kept winning, knocking out all opponents with military precision as they advanced.

The final game was between Faith FC and Peace FC on Saturday, August 13. Each side held their own in what was arguably the toughest game of the playoffs. Thanks to a last-minute penalty award, Peace took the lead and turned things around.

“The league table has been flipped on its head and the weakest has quickly become the strongest as Peace reined over all,” said a fan. At the end of the playoffs, Peace rained supreme. Faith came second. Love came third, while Joy took the last place.

Congratulations to Peace FC, winners of the 2022 Diversity League championship.

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