African Canadian youth launch Diversity League

African Canadian youth launch Diversity League

For quite some time, the youth of the African Canadian communities in Saskatchewan have desired to start a soccer league. The goal is to provide opportunities for social engagement for the youth.

Having played recreational games for more than two years every Saturday morning at the University Park, these young people have decided to take it to the next level.

They organized a more competitive league that debuted on Saturday, June 25, with four teams competing in the 2022 Outdoor league. The teams are Faith FC, Love FC, Joy FC and Peace FC.

The first match placed Joy FC against Love FC. The home team, Love FC, defeated the visiting team, Joy FC, by 4-3. The second match, which began at 9:20am opposed Faith FC against Peace FC. The visiting team, Peace FC, returned home with a narrow victory, defeating Faith FC by 3-2.

Two matches are scheduled for Saturday, July 2, 2022. Joy FC will host Faith FC at 8:00am, while Love FC will play host to Peace FC at 9:20am.

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