Can hockey overcome its history of neglect and abuse?

“Hockey is Canada, and Canada is hockey.” At least, that’s what Hockey Canada claimed on Twitter in the lead-up to the 2022 Beijing Olympic Games.

Shooters impress

While these are early times for drawing any conclusions to the performance of teams in the Canadian Soccer League it’s hard to resist noticing the results of York Region Shooters in the three games played so far.

The home teams all lost today

The home teams all lost today

Saturday mornings are for soccer lovers in Saskatchewan. Beautiful football continues at the University Park in Regina as the four teams in the Saskatchewan Diversity League continue to dish out the goals against one another.

Durkovic hist four for White Eagles' victory

Serbian White Eagles dominated BGHC 1 for a 4-0 lead at the interval to end with a 7-3 victory, York Region Shooters nipped Toronto Falcons 1-0, and in the opening match of three Scarborough and Continentals FC played to a scoreless but well played draw at Centennial Stadium Saturday.

African Canadian youth launch Diversity League

For quite some time, the youth of the African Canadian communities in Saskatchewan have desired to start a soccer league. The goal is to provide opportunities for social engagement for the youth.

Time to establish a winning combination

 Early season matches have seen a miscellany of changes in the starting line-ups while head coaches strive to establish a winning combination and this will continue this coming Sunday at Centennial Stadium – Week 5 in the Canadian Soccer League.

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